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Parent Support Services

Mindful Voices specializes in creating customized packages to support your child and family's specific needs. Listed below are service options that can be used to personalize your support services. Packages are sold as hours of service from your consultant. 

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Therapeutic Matching

This service will provide you with personalized support and guidance. We will review all documentation, insurance policies, and help connect you to an appropriate service provider in the area for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), or Feeding. Our consultant will work with your family to set up the initial appointment and, if requested, can attend the appointment.

Location: Greater Nashville Area, Knoxville & Chattanooga, TN 

AAC Training

Our experienced Speech Language Pathologist offers comprehensive AAC training services to help families learn how to incorporate augmentative communication into daily routines. We provide both in person and online training to equip parents and caregivers with the skills they need to successfully use a communication device with their child. Our team is dedicated to helping you truly understand your communication device and how to create a successful learning environment for your child.

Location: Greater Nashville Area, Knoxville & Chattanooga, TN

Diagnostic Support

We offer comprehensive diagnostic support services tailored to your family's needs. We provide personalized guidance and support to families whose children have been referred for an autism evaluation or are beginning to show signs or symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder. Our experienced team of professionals will help you identify and connect with a qualified diagnostic team, provide resources and support, and help you begin to access the services your child needs.

Location: Greater Nashville Area, Knoxville & Chattanooga, TN

Behavior Coaching

Our Behavior Coaching service provides families with a better understanding of challenging behaviors and how to manage them in the home and community. Our consultant will work closely with your family to find ways to modify unexpected behaviors through positive reinforcement. Our behavior coaching service is designed to help you build skills to address any situations that may arise.

Location: Greater Nashville Area, Knoxville & Chattanooga, TN

IEP & School Advocacy

Our IEP Advocacy service provides experienced guidance and support to families with children in special education. We offer support in understanding your educational rights as a parent and work with the family and IEP team to help advocate for the education that your child deserves. Our experienced team knows the intricacies of the IEP process and how to make valid and valuable educational requests while maintaining a positive relationship between IEP team and family.

Service Available In Person to the Greater Nashville Area & Nationally For Online Trainings
and IEP Meetings

Babysitter & Nanny Training

We understand how important it is to have a safe, responsible, and reliable babysitter. That's why we offer Babysitter Training services. We can help you find a babysitter or train your current preferred sitter in all essential routines and techniques to take incredible care of your child. Trainings will focus on managing adverse behaviors, maintaining established routines, de-escalation techniques, and effective communication with your child.

Location: Greater Nashville Area

Family Training

Our Family Training services are designed to bring the family together and create a unified plan that will help promote an environment of safety, stability, and positivity. By providing education, guidance, and support, our team of professionals will help the family create a plan to reach their desired outcomes. We will also provide ongoing assistance to ensure that the plan is successful.

Location: Greater Nashville Area, Knoxville & Chattanooga, TN

Potty Training

Our Potty Training service provides families with a comprehensive and intensive program tailored to your individual child and family needs. Our 3-4 Day potty training intensive program includes a consultant meeting with the family to create a personalized plan, followed by observation, and then full day hands on training for 3 days. The family will be taught strategies, techniques and communication in regards to toilet training. Ongoing support will be provided by our team to ensure a successful transition.

Service Available Nationally, Consultant
Will Travel to Client Location
for Intensive Potty Training Package

Feeding Support

Is your child with autism simply a picky eater or are they in need of feeding intervention? Our experienced feeding therapist can help ask you preliminary questions to help you determine if a full evaluation is warranted. If so, we can utilize your insurance or grant funding to get an evaluation scheduled with a licensed therapist. Mindful Voices can also provide insight and ideas to help create a positive feeding environment at home.

Location: Greater Nashville Area

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Sample Packages

Below are samples of our custom packages that we provide based on specific child needs.

All cases listed below are created for the purpose of these samples and are not actual clients. 

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Scenario 1: Jacob Age 2

Parent Goals: Family has reached out due to receiving referral from pediatrician for an autism evaluation. They are currently on a 6-12 month wait list. Jacob currently does not receive any other services and parents are unsure where to start, but do not want to wait 6 months to start helping him. Mom is specifically feeling very overwhelmed as she is a stay-at-home parent and is noticing that Jacob's speech is not developing the same way it did for her older children. Jacob is also having trouble going to sleep at night and bedtime routine can take up to 3 hours. 

Jacob's Package Recommendation

9 Hours

  • 1 Hour of in-person observation- Consultant will observe Jacob in his home environment with parents and siblings.

  • 1 Hour Parent Interview/Insurance and Early Intervention Services Training

  • 2 Hours Therapeutic Matching-  Get Jacob set up with ST and OT evaluations at clinic that is the best fit for insurance/distance/schedule. Consultant will present parent with available options, set up appointments, support with any needed intake or paperwork for start of services.

  • 1 Hour- Observe bedtime routine in home

  • 1 Hour- Consultant development for nighttime routine- create a routine that is sustainable and realistic for parents. Consultant will provide any needed materials and resources.

  • 3 Consecutive Nights- 1 Hour in person training of implementing new bedtime routine (additional nights available if needed).

  • This package come with a free1 hour follow up video or phone call to discuss services, nighttime routine successes and barriers, and any future needs or concerns. 

Girl with Toys

Scenario 2: Julie Age 6

Parent Goals: Julie currently attends school for a full day and receives SLP and OT services through the school system. Julie speaks primarily in gestures, taking parent to desired items, and vocalizations. She is non-speaking at this time. Parents are very unhappy with her services at school and feel she can do much more than they are asking of her. Julie demonstrates high intensity behaviors during times of transition or when parents are not understanding her requests. Julie's SLP at school has sent her home with a communication device and an email requesting that she begins using her device at home to help carry-over in school. Family is hoping to learn how to use device and look into any other services that can help with behavior. 

Julie's Package Recommendation

10 Hours

  • 1 Hour Document review-  consultant will review all of Julie's documentation including diagnostic report, SLP reports, OT report, school progress, IEP.

  • 1 Hour in person observation- Observe Julie in her home environment

  • 1 Hour in Person Parent interview- consultant will ask follow up questions post observation and gather any further information needed.

  • 1 Hour School SLP Interview/contact

  • 4 Hours AAC device training-

    • (hour 1) Foundations of AAC

    • (hours 2-4) in person AAC device training for parent, child and siblings as well as device modification or update.​

  • 2 Hour Therapeutic matching for behavior services- Research therapies, set up appointments, and support with any intake or paperwork for start of services.

  • This package come with a free 2 month AAC plan for continued learning of new vocabulary.

Chess Game

Scenario 3: Kalen Age 8

Parent Goals: Dad has requested support to help Kalen become more social and included in activities within the community. Kalen loves roblox, minecraft, and studying maps of cities. Kalen splits time between his mom and dad's house 50/50 and dad is concerned that each household is responding differently to behaviors which may be creating confusion for him as to what is expected. Kalen has begun to show interest in making friends, but has trouble finding the confidence to interact with peers and often perseverates on preferred topics. Dad is hoping for support to help create consistency between homes and help Kalen learn to make friends.

Kalen's Package Recommendation

8 Hours

  • 1 Hour Document review of all reports, school progress, therapeutic notes.

  • 2 Hours of in-person observation.

    • 1 Hour at Dad's​

    • 1 Hour at Mom's

  • 2 Hours of parent training (1 with each parent)- Discuss Kalen’s behaviors, training on behavior consistency and implementing specific strategies that could be used in both homes. 

  • 1 Hour parent Q & A with both parents and consultant

  • 1 Hour Community activity research based on Kalen's interests, skill level, and age group.

  • 1 Hour- Instructor training- working with community instructor (i.e. coach) on Kalen’s specific needs, behaviors and how to provide the most amount of inclusivity for Kalen while maintaining a positive experience for the entire team.

  • This package comes with unlimited follow up via email or text with consultant for 30 days post package completion.

** Social Skills Package***

Additional Recommendation: 3 lesson package for expected versus unexpected behaviors, flexible thinking, and perspective taking. 

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