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Chrissy Schenk

Chrissy Schenk is a licensed speech language pathologist who has worked specifically with the autism population in many settings all throughout the country. Chrissy holds her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology as well as a dual bachelors in both speech pathology and psychology. Chrissy has worked in the pediatric outpatient, prek-high school, young adult, acute care, and ABA based clinical settings. Chrissy specializes in helping families create realistic plans to increase communication, structure, routines, and organization in the home. Chrissy’s mission is to view each family member as a whole individual, and aims to truly see and understand any person with autism, speaking or non-speaking. Chrissy believes that every person’s behavior is a form of communication. Her personal mission is to help families find new ways to connect with each other. When Chrissy is not working with families, she enjoys traveling to new countries, reading, cooking, and game nights with her friends.

Specialty areas: AAC Training, Language/Communication, Teenage/Adult services, parent coaching, social skills, IEP Advocacy, Feeding Q &A.

Rachael Farkas

Rachael Farkas is a passionate mother of 3 residing in Franklin, TN, as well as a licensed special education teacher and certified potty training consultant from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting. Rachael holds her M.Ed in special education with a focus in Autism from Temple University.  A New Jersey girl at heart, Rachael is the first to speak up to advocate for autistic individuals in her community and around the world. Rachael travels with Autism on the Seas to help provide family support while on vacation and she traveled with to Kenya in 2022 to help train, teach and collaborate with educators on how to work with children with autism. In addition to her work around the globe, she previously worked for many years as a special education and autism support teacher in Pennsylvania, along with experience as a K-3 inclusion specialist. Rachael has extensive experience in ABA, specializing in working with children with behavioral needs. Rachael absolutely loves supporting families through the initial diagnostic process and is skilled in her ability to coach families in their therapeutic options as well as creating positive home environments. Rachael additionally specializes in potty training children with any level of autism.  Rachael enjoys working with all ability levels with services such as setting structure routines in the home to social skills and parent coaching.  She believes that all children deserve the opportunity to experience and access all that their communities have to offer. Rachael’s hobbies include sharing adventures with her family, health and wellness, and spending time with close friends.


Specialty areas: Potty Training, Family Behavior Coaching, Early Intervention, Diagnostic Support, Therapeutic Matching, IEP Advocacy, Babysitter Training, Social Skills.


“Chrissy is a dynamic, knowledgeable, and passionate SLP who is tireless in her pursuit of the best case scenario and outcome for all of her patients and families served. She weaves learned concepts together to create individualized treatment plans and stays up to date on current and upcoming interventions available, as well as being skilled in past trainings. Chrissy is a provider I would, and do, recommended consistently and am grateful to have as a colleague serving the pediatric community.”

-Kellyann Primm M.S., OTR/L,
Nashville, TN


A Letter From Our Co-Founders

To Our Future Clients,


Thank you so much for considering meeting us! We started this company with a singular goal in mind; to provide consistent and customized support to our families. After many years of working with the autism population, we have seen a huge need in the community for a support team that is not confined to a specific area of practice. A support team that can move through new chapters of life along with you. We have also seen what a profound impact insurance companies can have on a child’s progress based on the decisions they make. We know that we can be the support team that a family needs to help navigate all of these challenges.


In addition, we have worked with many families who are ready to do everything they can to help their child, but may not know where to start. We are here to listen, provide education, advocate, teach, and answer questions about anything you need to feel successful and connected to your child. As consultants, we have developed a wide range of expertise through our experiences. We can provide online and in person support packages that are personalized to your family's needs. We additionally provide intensive trainings such as potty training and AAC. We are hopeful that we can have a positive impact on your family's journey to helping your loved one reach their full potential.


We look forward to meeting you,


Chrissy & Rachael

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