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Community Partners

Below is a list of our amazing community partnerships. Each of these programs aims to provide support, service, and inclusion to the autism community. 

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Doctors & Medical Professionals

We are looking to support pediatricians and diagnostic centers in the greater Nashville area. 

We have several different service packages that specifically focus on families who receive a referral from their PCP to schedule a comprehensive evaluation to determine if a child has ASD, or for families who have recently had their child evaluated and received a diagnosis of ASD. We can help them understand the next steps in the process for any needed services or therapies after diagnosis, understand the insurance process, and much more.


How does it work? 


  1. PCP refers for comprehensive autism evaluation. 

  2. Child is evaluated and diagnosed with ASD (any level).

  3. Parents ask for help, information, resources, or support - share our service as an option for them.

We know that wait times for a comprehensive ASD evaluation can be long and parents can feel lost or helpless during that time. We are here to show these families what they can immediately get started with (i.e. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy) with or without a diagnosis, and connect them with support systems in the community.

Doctor Office
Local Business Partners
Business Owner in Workshop

Local Businesses

If you are a local business owner or manager and want to be considered a more autism friendly locale, we offer services to train your staff in the basics and foundational knowledge of what autism is, how it presents, alternative communication, appropriate terminology/inclusive language, and more. We encourage our community to grow in their inclusivity and recognize that it is beneficial for the business, staff members, and families to learn about the autism population. 

Therapy Centers

It is critical for our team to know and support our local ABA, ST, OT, and PT providers. Building a reciprocal relationship with Mindful Voices helps support all businesses and families involved! 

How it works: 

1. We provide indirect/support services to families, including therapeutic options and pairing with local therapy centers.

2. We refer them to your therapy center if it is good fit with staffing, insurance, wait list times, and therapy services. 

3. You refer your clients to us for any other indirect supports that your families need.

Speech Therapist
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