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Mindful Voices Autism Consulting


What can an autism consultant do for you and your family? 

An autism consultant is a professional who provides guidance and support to families who have a child with autism. They can help families navigate the obstacles of raising a child with autism by providing information on local treatment options, educational resources, and community support. An autism consultant can be beneficial for families because they can provide personalized advice and support that is tailored to the specific needs of the family and their loved one.

At Mindful Voices, we understand the importance of having a strong support system for families. Our team of consultants have extensive backgrounds in education, communication, and behavior, allowing us to create personalized plans to improve day-to-day life. Our consultants will provide hands-on training, dedicated to providing support in a way that will truly benefit your family. We will travel to visit you at your home, as well as provide in school or workday observations. We offer a range of services, including intensive potty training, AAC support, therapy matching, insurance guidance, behavior coaching, IEP advocacy and more. Let us help you and your family find harmony and success.

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Connect with your community.

Receive coaching through life's everyday challenges.

Strengthen your family connection through a support system.

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Has your doctor recommended a full autism evaluation for your child? 

From scheduling the right team for a comprehensive ASD evaluation, to learning more about what services your child can get started with immediately, we can help. We understand that waiting months to receive a diagnosis can be stressful. We also know how important early intervention services are for a child's growth and development. We have partnered with therapy centers in the greater Nashville area and can help you learn more about Speech, Occupational, or Physical therapies that your child may qualify for immediately. We can help your family build your support network and work with you to build routines and schedules to get started on the path to progress.

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